Hedy Alison

Hedy Alison - Medical Coordinator - GreendogFoundation.org

Hedy Alison


I was born with a love for animals and all creatures, great and small. Spiders and toads that lived in my yard were never chased or harmed and only died of old age. The “family dog” always ended up being mine and slept in my bed under my head for a pillow. I have always had countless stray cats under my care and throw my apple cores into the bushes for the creatures that come looking for food in the night. I am a fierce protector of those without voices and enjoy the opportunity to work closely with people to give their pets the best, longest, healthiest life possible.

In 1996, I began my career with Camino Pet Hospital and spent almost 10 years in reception. I left for a short while, went to school and gained management and corporate training experience in the banking field. Down the street from my office was Seal Beach Animal Control where I would spend several lunch breaks a week walking dogs. Before too long, I just had to get back into the vet field. Besides, my beloved Chihuahua, Gnatalie, was getting older and I really wanted to be able to take her to work with me every day. I called Dr. Shoolman and after a short meeting, I was welcomed back as Office Manager. A short time later, with his blessing, I began building working relationships with local rescues and shelters.

The GreenDog Foundation was the first rescue to become part of our family. Since then, I have worked closely with Kris to help develop GreenDog policy and routine for vet checks, flea control, dentals, vaccines, spays, neuters and more. I still remember the day that Kris came in with my business cards and asked me to be their Medical Coordinator. I cried a little bit. I am so excited to be a part of such an outstanding rescue where I can share my veterinary medical knowledge and my passion for veterinary health care with people who save lives and make the world a better place.