Dog Adoption Process

The first step in the Dog Adoption Process is to fill out our Application for Adoption. We do require a home inspection prior to approval. This home inspection is to check for safety of the home. If you are looking to adopt a puppy, we check for wiring on the floors, potted plants that could be potentially toxic, or holes/areas in your fencing that the puppy could escape from.


Home inspections are not designed to keep you from adopting a dog if you have issues to repair; they are a tool for us to point out potential problems that might exist and give you the opportunity to correct them.

Many people adopting a puppy or young dog haven’t had one for a while and it can be very easy to forget how quickly they can get into trouble!  We just want to make sure that you are prepared for your new family member.

Once the Application for Adoption and home inspection are complete (and passed), you are approved within our rescue for adoption.  Arrangements are made for you to receive your new companion and the final Adoption Contract is signed.


Adopt A Dog