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From the time I was born, there were animals in my life.  From horses, birds and cats to geese, goats and rats; I have shared a part of my life with the animal kingdom, and I have loved every second of it…but there was always something ‘special’ about the dogs in my life.

My parents were breeders, producing some of the top International and National Champions of their breed, and they were very particular about who their dogs were sold to.  I learned from an early age about the duties and dedication it takes to be responsible for our dogs and pets…and I’m grateful for it.  It taught me the most important principle of all:  Compassion.

I have helped run an electrical contracting business and holistic health product line successfully for the past 16 years, and during that time we have personally sponsored, medicated and re-homed foster dogs for various shelters.  We successfully ‘saved’ 48 dogs in just one year!  But when the economy collapsed in 2007, our business suffered and our personal “pocket funding” of rescued and fostered animals came to a halt at a time when the animals needed us most.  It was at this time that Greendog came to fruition.

I am so excited to be a part of Greendog.  My job affects the two most precious things I hold dear:  Our planet, and the lives that inhabit it.  I am grateful beyond words to be a part of something that will forever change so many lives…not just of the animals we save, but of yours and others as well.



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