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Injury Update


Ruby is a rescue from the LA Shelter. And this rescue is one of the hardest. She was severely abused and neglected and is suffering from multiple medical conditions that need immediate attention. After a visit with a specialist, we learned that she has multiple fractures to the jaw and nose, her facial structure is crooked and shifted, her eye is diseased and infected and she has advanced dental issues. She has a four-inch wound that spans from her eyebrow to her jaw – she’s very tiny and only 6 lbs so this is a lot for such a little one to handle. 


Ruby is still very swollen and her wounds are still draining, but she is eating well and feeling a little better. We’re trying to get her as healthy as possible for her upcoming appointments with our specialists.

Vet Prognosis


We will get her to an ophthalmologist and a surgeon in parallel with a CT scan in order to access next steps in her care. 


Now that Ruby has started to heal, we are starting to get her specialist appointments lined up. She will start with seeing the orthodontist on 7/16. Next up will be the ophthalmologist for her eye and then her jaw and facial fractures will be addressed. More updates to come.

Foster Update


Ruby is getting some love from one of our volunteers and is trying to gain her trust again. You can imagine she’s afraid of people. But we can already see improvements. 


Ruby is now at the Greendog Ranch where she’s getting the best of care with our founders. She is getting lots of love and attention and will continue her healing process in a safe and loving environment. She needs to learn to trust again.


We had a very special visitor today at our adoption event. Ruby gave Ellen that look this morning as they were packing everyone up for the ride over to Pet’s Plus from the Greendog ranch. She wanted to come to the event and just be a regular dog for the day. She was able to relax and take in all the activity from a safe place in the shade and even get out of her kennel for a little bit to hang on the grass with the other dogs. It was so nice to see her relax and enjoy the day. She’s off to her next doctor appointment this week, so please keep her in your thoughts. 


Ruby's Treatment

Here she’s getting treatment for her eye. She actually likes the drops and even holds her head back.